Satisfy Your Soul’s Cravings with LEILA’S SENSUAL SOUNDS

“….With “If You’re Gonna Leave” (from my first CD “Of Life”), I looked around and realized just how many people were going “through the motions,” merely existing and not living. Admittedly, I’ve been there myself and know how difficult it can be to feel a sense of resolution and clarity. How many people are stuck in a cycle they want to get out of but feel they can’t, but a door is always there if they look for it, it’s just not always easy to see. I wrote this song with the hope that it would inspire and uplift. It is my sincerest hope that many doors open for you where there were once only walls.” – Leila

Leila’s soulful singing and warm, seductive tone is evident in her single “If You’re Gonna Leave” which is fused with sexy Latin percussion beats coupled with sultry vocals that will make you think of Gloria Estefan – and like Gloria, Leila’s singing prowess can stir your emotions as she sings each verse with so much vigor and passion.

You can immediately tell that this siren has a powerful voice that can deliver heartfelt renditions that will leave you wanting to know more about her; while wondering what else she can offer musically. Leila’s song “If You’re Gonna Leave” effectively communicates a strong message in a very serene; classy and empowering way that makes you realize how music can truly affect you in a positive sense. Leila is indeed one of those artists with substance who sings songs that have soul.

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