Finding The Nuggets...

I find my posts to be my online diary. Most of the time I post for myself. My own words can become healing when I read them back to myself. I feel this is when my higher awareness is taking control of the keyboard and attempting to write something to get my ego's attention. "Pssst. Leila, step aside we'll take it from here". 

I've often been amazed at how I can give heartfelt honest advice, be deeply involved with someone and have moments of inspired wisdom coming from "outside of myself" only to turn around and not always apply it in my life. 

Last night I was very angry. This is perfectly fine but I MUST recognize that as my emotions fluctuate, the ebb and flow of my thoughts, it is essential that I post when I am feeling deep gratitude. LOVE.....PEACE. 

In this spontaneous moment, nothing has changed. My bank account is the same, I live in the same home, politically things are what they are, there are no monumental shifts in my music or corner of the world, there is nothing except PEACE. 

Some delicious silence caresses me while I sip a glorious cup of coffee. 

So in this bliss I say this. 

. Ken Harge, THANK YOU from the depths of my soul for the most heartwarming, loving and eloquent article you wrote about hubby and I and our journey "through the storm" WE LOVE YOU. Thank you for holding up "the mirror" of our story for us to look upon and reflect. I am deeply grateful and wanted you to know this. 

THANK YOU for the incredible flowers in my garden this year, they are brilliant in every way. 

THANK YOU for the baby Cardinals in the nest over our pond and the Bluebird nest over the front railing. Birdies...galore. this is quite awesome! 

THANK YOU for my strong legs! I am killing it at the gym these days, strength increasing and vitality coursing. 

THANK YOU for the dogs of the world. You make me smile and fill my heart with glee. 

THANK YOU TO MY LOVED near and far! 

THANK YOU MUSIC. though it has a times been an unrequited love affair, I wouldn't have it any other way. You were my voice when I was bullied as a child, my voice when I needed a higher level of expression, you have brought adventures, creative bonds and BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEINGS and friends into my life. 

.............Just a few things I am thinking this afternoon....a few nuggets I wanted to share.

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